Meet William

William Gerdes, founder and director of Lake Cook Piano Studio LLC is an accomplished musician with 25 years of private teaching experience. He holds an Associate of Arts Degree in Music from Harper College in Palatine, Illinois. He also has 5 years teaching experience in a Montessori school which includes a Paraprofessional Certificate with continuing education classes in childhood development.


Some of William’s performance experience includes weddings, social events, churches and recitals. Over the past 25 years he has been a member of several bands and jazz and chorus ensembles.


William believes a good teacher must be able to teach his students two fundamental things: 1) To play with artistry to fully utilize the expressiveness and beauty of the instrument and 2) To play with relaxed efficient technique to avoid strain and injury. As Chopin said, artistry and technique are inseparable.


In order to advance steadily and consistently on the instrument one must practice with purposefulness, focus and efficiency. William teaches each of his students what this means and writes a clear, concise lesson plan that covers the fundamental components of the language of music: How to speak, read and write it.


William has long been involved in composition, songwriting and recording. Much of his work is done in his own recording studio. He has entered his compositions in several songwriting competitions including Billboard Music’s songwriting competition. His current project in the works is the completion of his own music CD.


William works as a freelance writer, arranger and recording engineer helping others produce various projects such as demos and backing tracks for auditions and performances. Being a capable musician and recording engineer, he is well versed in both the artistic and technological sides of music.

In addition to running a thriving piano and recording studio, William leads a fulfilling life as a husband, father, teacher and musician.

William Gerdes - Piano Teacher
William Gerdes, Founder