Piano Studio

Lake Cook Piano Studio LLC provides a lively, fun, interactive learning environment for anyone wanting to study the piano and the performing/recording arts and become fluent in the language of music.


Lessons — Offering both private and group lessons!


Curriculum — Technique, theory, sight reading/singing, ear training, composition, improvisation, performing, arranging and recording techniques.


Ages — All ages and levels welcome! Beginners, Intermediate, Professional.


Styles — Bach to Rock! Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rockabilly, Pop, and World Music.


Performing — Performance is such a crucial aspect in the development of a musician. For this reason, 2 recitals are held per year for students wishing to partake in them.


Recording — In addition to piano lessons, recording arts lessons are also offered! Students have the opportunity to learn how to record their performances and compositions in their computer's DAW or other recording equipment on planned “session dates." This way, the student can build a catalog of their very own performances and compositions, sit back, enjoy their achievements and hear their progress!

Lake Cook Piano Lessons