"Bill, thank you for being such a great teacher to our children (ages 9 & 11).  We have enjoyed and benefited so much from your passion and dedication to music." 

-Danielle G.

"Dear Bill, your excitement and love of music is contagious!  You have truly inspired my son Joey (age 7) who absolutely loves his lessons with you.  He can't wait to get to his lesson and after, can't wait to get home to practice his new songs and all the things he learned.  I now see how music is such a powerful and positive force.  Steering him away from negative ones.  I am so fortunate to have found you! Thank you!"

-Tammy S. 

"Hello Bill, I would like to take a moment and send you a commendation for how you have helped my child (age 6) develop, not only musically, but mentally and emotionally as well.  Having a special needs child, it is often difficult to find a teacher with the capacity to relate.  Bill, you seem to have an innate gift to "read" my child, to say and do the right things at the right time to help him focus and you have the patience of a saint!  Since my child has started taking music lessons with you, I, as well as his teachers have noticed improvement of his fine motor skills (for example, his writing).  And emotionally he is more "even-keeled" I believe due largely to the fact that he now has music as an outlet when feeling frustrated and happy as well.  For the joy you have brought to my child's life I am eternally grateful."

-Pete K.

"Hey Bill, thanks for helping me improve my "chops" for playing in the band I'm in.  Those Blues riffs and licks you taught me are smokin'!  The guys in the band have noticed the improvement in my playing when we jam. They often look to me to solo!  I credit this to the ensemble playing we do during the lesson because I am practicing the skills needed to play with the band.  Whether doing cover tunes or our originals, the knowledge of musical theory you taught me helps hugely in learning, composing and arranging the tunes.  My technique is SO much better since I started taking lesson with you. You taught me how to play relaxed even when playing with power.  Most of all, you showed me how to connect to the music and play with feeling and soul."

-Tony T. (age 20)  

"Bill, what can I say? You're the best!  You have helped me accomplish one of my major goals in life: To learn to play the piano.  And I'm gonna keep going!  I'm having so much fun!"

-Caroline M. (age 64)

“Hey Bill, I want to thank you for being such a great piano teacher and mentor.  Your curriculum involves songs I love but with a “Bill” twist that always makes me a better piano player.  You’re everything one could want in a teacher: Calm, talented, flexible, funny and just a great guy.  I couldn't have wished to learn piano from a better person.  And even more important than teaching me piano, thanks for helping my love for music grow."

-Mark A. (age 17)  


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